I-Scan TOFD - PA Scanner

Integrity NDT Engineering have designed and built their `I-Scan` scanners…simple to use and versatile single axis semi-automated Phased Array Scanner and TOFD Scanner.

The `I-Scan` package is an amazingly versatile modular system, with the tools to create many different scanners for many applications in one handy box…from small diameter pipework to large vessels or plate, the modular system can be adapted to suit.

Scanners have been developed for our own site use, from experience of carrying out automated and semi-automated ultrasonic inspections…featuring multiple easy slide spring loaded probe holders, integral positional encoders, super-strength magnetic wheels, and positional guide track option, the `I-Scan` incorporates functionality found on much more expensive scanner systems at a fraction of the cost.

I-Scan TOFD - PA Scanner

The I-Scan is a cost effective alternative to hand held manual probe manipulators and expensive semi or fully automated inspection systems.

• Easy slide, spring loaded probe arms.
• Super-strength magnetic wheels.
• Optional positional guide track
• Integral positional encoder.
• Lightweight robust design.
• Cost & time savings through efficient scanning.
• More accurate repeatable scanning.
• Easy scanning in inverted and awkward positions, eg. 6 O`Clock position on horizontal pipe run.