TOFD Probes & Wedges

Fusion TOFD Probe and Wedge

High performance composite probes with high sensitivity, a short pulse and high resolution, providing excellent sizing capabilities. TOFD wedges also available.

SA Angle Beam

Fusion Angle Probe

Versatile probes for detection and evaluation of flaws with an angular orientation to the inspection surface. The range provides exceptional sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.

TL Probe

Fusion TR Probe

A comprehensive range including; Single Element with/out delay line, Dual Element, Angle Beam, Transmit Receive and Creeping Wave for flaw detection on a vast range of materials.


UT Lemo Cable - UT Lemo Kablo

Durable Single and Twin cables to complement the Fusion range of transducers.

Custom designed transducers

With many years of experience, Fusion NDT design and manufacture Ultrasonic transducers to meet your specific needs. Typical applications are underwater probes, bore probes, high temperature probes, difficult access and manipulator probes. We supply specially designed probes for the Nuclear, Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Railway industries. We are happy to discuss low or high volume production of transducers in short timescales to meet with your expectations.