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Integrity offers fully flexible engineering and consultancy services for power generation industry. Integrity has the expertise to model any kind of thermal systems, with emphasis on power generation and co-generation. Once the complex thermal system is modeled, endless variety of analysis of power cycles can be performed according with operator’s requirements:

  • Overall power plant cycle can be evaluated in detail down to pumps. This effort provides overall plant performance as well as performance data of each component throughout the thermal system.
  • “Off-design” operating points can be simulated at various ambient and operational conditions.
  • Performance enhancements after upgrade, retrofit options can be calculated, the effect of changes can be predicted.
  • Extensive what-if scenarios and parametric studies can be carried out.
  • Expected performance at various conditions can be computed by the new & clean model of the power plant.
  • Sometimes equipment degradation occur very slowly that it may not be noticed. This analysis can help to identify degraded equipment and to figure out the degradation quantity.
  • Success of outages can be analysed by performing “before and after outage evaluations”
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Principles of thermodynamic analysis is used to calculate thermal performance of power plants. This evaluation method allows the operator to handle important decisions about the power plant which normally DCS data can not help:

  • Limited budget should be invested on which equipment to have the most gain and to get the highest cost-benefit ratio?
  • Does the condenser is degraded or not? Do the operator should waste lots of money to clean it?
  • What is the contribution of each equipment to the total degradation of the power plant? Which equipment should be maintained or life-extended first?
  • What is the effect of air filter pressure drop on overall performance? Does it worth to replace all, spending several hundred thousands of dollars?
  • Is there any unnoticed big contributor that badly affects performance?
  • The power plant availability is good but what about the performance? What is the amount of degradation?

Integrity has the experience and ability to answer all of these difficult questions to save operators from energy sector’s common trial-error method that generally leads to spend lots of money without any significant outcome.

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