Power Plant Performance Analysis

Integrity NDT offers a fully flexible engineering and consultancy services for power generation industry., with the emphasis on power generation and co-generation, using simulation and performance software we have the expertise to model any design of thermal systems. Following system modelling, an endless variety of analysis of power cycles can be performed according with operator requirements:

• Overall power plant cycle can be evaluated, providing overall plant performance as well as performance data of each component throughout the thermal system.
• “Off-design” operating points can be simulated at various ambient and operational conditions.
• Performance enhancements after upgrade, retrofit options can be calculated, the effect of changes can be predicted.
• Extensive what-if scenarios and parametric studies can be carried out.
• Expected performance at various conditions can be computed by the new & clean model of the power plant.
• Plant equipment degradation can occur very slowly and go unnoticed, this analysis can help to identify degraded equipment.
• Success of outages can be analysed by performing “before and after outage evaluations”

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