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Integrity NDT has qualified personnel accredited by Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

 Rope access is not Integrity NDT core business today, but instead a method of access to perform an inspection, engineering or maintenance task. Integrity NDT currently provide inspection and rope access services to a wide variety of clients at various offshore and onshore locations.

Rope access for inspections can have significant advantages:

  • Access provision can be a significant proportion of projects costs. Rope Access techniques can replace traditional scaffold or platform solutions and offer clients significant savings.
  • A single point of contact for access and inspection teams – the client can realise project co-ordination and time efficiencies as Integrity NDT provide and manage both services.
  • Rope systems are quick to install and dismantle. By removing operational and time constraints, rope access services are often able to reduce the time window required to undertake work.
  • Rope access is statistically safer than scaffolding, and the use of IRATA qualified technicians