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Heavy Wall Vessel 9 scaledFrom our extensive experience of the fabrication and in-service inspections of heavy wall pressure vessels such as Reactors, Drums, Heaters etc, Integrity NDT have formulated a proven approach to the selection of inspection applications, specific to the detection of both fabrication and in-service defect flaws, maximising defect detection and accuracy of defect sizing

Hydrogen damage and related HTHA defect mechanisms are always of concern and a focus to Refinery Plant Engineers and Managers. Integrity NDT have significant experience in this area and specifically regarding the early detection of hydrogen damage.

Our Focus

…Our services are based on understanding, defining and preventing risk

Main inspection methods are:

  • TOFD inspection
  • Phased Array UT
  • Manual Ultrasonic inspection
  • Ultrasonic Back Scatter Technique
  • Ultrasonic Velocity Ratio Measurement
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Metallurgical Investigation (Replication)
  • Detailed information about inspection techniques are given in NDT Services Section.